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This discussion was created from comments split from: General comments on the UI.


  • I think it's important for performers to work with their tech in rehearsal. If they use a microphone and PA in rehearsal then they could use it better in performance!
  • It's a very good point, however in most rehearsal situations, performers don't have a chance to work in a room that resembles a performance stage. For example, in a small room (where most musicians get to rehearse) using amplification could cause serious feedback. How do you suggest a group that rehearses in a circle use technology in a constructive way?
  • I think there are all kinds of positive rehearsal techniques. I think it's very possible to work with tech (including microphones/pa) in a small room without getting feedback. The PA doesn't have to be "performance volume" and working with monitors may also be helpful. Of course, there are lots of other things to do without tech, but so often (young) performers only get a chance to use tech in a dress rehearsal or a quick sound check. I've been recently thinking through the logistics of a "microphone lab" in the college setting where some portion of a student's regular practice would happen using various types of mics they may encounter.
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