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Basic editing software.

wondering if there is such a thing as "basic" editing software for high quality export to social media?


  • This discussion was created from comments split from: MTKE Taxonomy.
  • in my opinion, these are usually softwares that have a user friendly domain, and tend to have a lot of non-professional users looking to just put out home music! I would further give examples such as, Garage Band, Fruity Loops, etc! Usually low in price and very easy to access underground for free! A lot of the layout is designed for easy use and doesn't require much tutorial!
  • Important here to make a distinction about what is being edited. If we are talking about basic notation programs, that is one set of basic ideas and resources, the other kind of editing might be more toward digital audio which is another kind of basic editor.
  • How about when you have "older" media like VHS or DAT or Mini DV or lets go back to the days of cassette tape. And one needs to incorporate this into a project that has to be available as a "downloadable" file. so I guess mixing or combining older technology with newer technology.
  • In a mild effort to "toot my own horn," Peter, one of the big reasons I include both a taxonomy of knowledge and a hierarchy of fields is that most of the forums I've seen in the past almost ignores context. So, I need to get discussions linked to topics and fields. If JDB had been able to post this more closely related to "Professional Musician Audition Materials", the context would have been clear. In that context, I think terrance brings up some good points. Does an opera singer need to learn protools just to send potential employers clips of his past stuff? Will Garage Band incorporate video as well as he may need?
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