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  • I think algorithmic composition may be a music field with programming tools as the knowledge.
  • There is a lot of technology used in theatre tech. Is theatre a field with the various components areas of knowledge?
  • I think there are all kinds of positive rehearsal techniques. I think it's very possible to work with tech (including microphones/pa) in a small room without getting feedback. The PA doesn't have to be "performance volume" and working with monitor…
  • In a mild effort to "toot my own horn," Peter, one of the big reasons I include both a taxonomy of knowledge and a hierarchy of fields is that most of the forums I've seen in the past almost ignores context. So, I need to get discussions linked to…
  • I think it's important for performers to work with their tech in rehearsal. If they use a microphone and PA in rehearsal then they could use it better in performance!
  • I'm not sure if questions about MIDI channels should be MIDI files or if perhaps there needs to be a separate topic for MIDI protocol?
  • Well heck, I know that I'm pleased to participate.