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MTKE Taxonomy

edited February 2015 in Taxonomy

MTKE Taxonomy

The boxes on this page represent the top level knowlege categories. Clicking on a box will expand or collapse any sub-levels within it. If you wish to add an area of knowledge, enter a title, an optional description, and the name of the parent under which it should be listed. Top level categories must still be added manually.

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  • Expanding all of the elements (should that be a default?) I like seeing the additions. I think it still needs to be in a sort of "brainstorming mode" for a bit but I'm seeing some potential for crossover that may need some discussion for more structured organization.
  • I think that expanding all of the elements for a new reader is good so that universe can be seen during the initial engagement
  • I just added an "expand all" button as well as indications of expandable topics.
  • There is a lot of technology used in theatre tech. Is theatre a field with the various components areas of knowledge?
  • I think algorithmic composition may be a music field with programming tools as the knowledge.
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